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I don't consider "someone might do something" a valid reason for enacting blanket policy over the majority who "never did anything wrong".
Unfortunately many times the dishonest make it more difficult for the honest. Not fair but true. Think of all the hoops we have to jump through today to do business when years ago all we needed was a handshake.

It depends how much control of mental health issues you want to give to the government. The VT shooter Cho, clearly disturbed, was not picked up by the system and legally bought his guns. But he had crossed the path of the legal and mental health system so that was a screw up.
However, how do you define lunatic?
Good point Glenn but not one I am qualified to answer. I know people that I think are crazy but what do I know! That has to be answered by the mental health folks but I think keeping people who are mentally incompetant from doing things (like owning guns or driving cars) has some real public safety merit. The problem with Cho IIRC was the way Virginia interpreted the mentally unqualified definition from the Fed as it was broad.

Expanding on that "logic," a felon or lunatic might well break into the home of a gunowner and steal a gun, thus obtaining it illegally.
Another thread perhaps but some states make it a crime NOT to report stolen firearms to the police. I sure would report it if mine were stolen!

So, logic would follow that the anti argument for banning and confiscation of all privately held guns in this country has merit, and ownership is an avenue that should be closed.
No it wouldn't follow but it might mandate that all report it to police when their guns are stolen. Gun ownership is a right for law-abiding citizens but not crooks.

Congratulations. You're on the slippery slope and gaining speed.
I am not sure NICS checks for private sales takes us where you think. The slippery slope argument will do us no good with the non-gun owning public and we need to do better than that. If we feel (and I do) that criminals and mentally incompetants should not own firearms then making policy to help stop that and is not an onerous burden on my right to own a firearm is probably the way to go.
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