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It's more than bookeeping.
Ken, I do not minimise the burden on an FFL in noting that I can understand feeling disadvantaged by another not having to engage in it.

And there better not be any boo boos or the JBTs toss Ken into jail, yes?
To be honest, I've been pretty impressed with the BATF personnel I've dealt with in ironing out issues with poorly kept records of FFLs I've represented. I'm not suggesting that every office has been as reasonable as the one's I've dealth with, and agree that attention to detail is as good an idea in this area as any other.

But, the whole concept of the show lends itself to shady characters selling guns on a regular basis no questions asked.

And all of us know that.
I would say the whole concept of a show lends itself to people doing as they see fit. It does not peculiarly favor "shady characters".

Don't we all think that the private sale concept is sort of meaningless?
I do not.

How many normal folks advertise their guns in the classifieds? You want folks coming over your house?
Isn't this precisely why private sellers go to shows?

If every sale needs to pass a background check, wouldn't it make sense to allow distributors to sell directly to the public? If not, what would FFLs ad other than a superfluous link in the chain of supply?

EDIT - Not trying to give you a rash for what you do as an FFL, most of whom get by on very thin margins. Just seems that if FFLs no longer serve the gatekeeper/recording function because some other background check process is required, then the rationale behind the FFL itself looks shakier.

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