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You will just ignore his historical record pertaining to guns??? That's simply foolish!! He will deal with guns as he has in Illinois: He thinks that's what gun ownership should entail. If there is ever a time to cry wolf, it's now. IMHO
You can run around hysterically screaming about things that "may" happen if you choose to do so, but I am going to only deal with the things that are happening. People who do the former tend to get labeled as not being worth listening to by most people.

I love how one minute Obama has "almost no political experience" and the next he has this massive history of political gun grabbing. Which is it?

Also, getting worked up about what the Brady campaign has proposed and then acting out against Obama because of it is just unfair. Center your attacks on the Brady campaign. They are the ones "proposing" the legislation. Did you attack Bush when PETA was proposing legislation making it illegal eat beef? It is okay to prepare for these types of things and make your voices heard, but to attack Obama for something he has no hand in makes it seem like partisan rhetoric.

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