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Ken, I can understand the jealousy at being freed of the bookkeeping.
It's more than bookeeping

Get gun
Check to see if stolen
Log in
Enter into computer
Enter into computer
Log out
Pay Taxes

And there better not be any boo boos or the JBTs toss Ken into jail, yes?

Compare to:
Buy Gun
Sell gun.

Someone wants to meet up at a gunshow and sell a gun to another guy walking around, conceptually, no problem. But, the whole concept of the show lends itself to shady characters selling guns on a regular basis no questions asked.

And all of us know that.


I dont know, the NICs table? Whats the problem, some dealer may take a cut? The Show Organizers can set up the NICs table, make them a special NICs licensee.

Don't we all think that the private sale concept is sort of meaningless? How many normal folks advertise their guns in the classifieds? You want folks coming over your house?

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