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While shopping for a bottle of wine for a Christmas gift for a friend of ours, my wife and I met a nice young man from the UK who was working at the store as a salesman.
He accent was still pretty noticeable so I asked were he was from and he said he grew up in a few different places in the UK.
I asked which he liked better, living in the US in NC or his homeland.
He said USA by far.

We talked awhile about the differences in lifestyle and he lifted up his shirt to show two large scars....he had been stabbed on two different occasions.
He told my wife and I that just about everyone in his old hometowns had scars from knife wounds.
Went on to say how you could get stabbed in and around London and other places very easily by roving gangs of youngsters anywhere from 12 to 20 years old.
He said he had lost two friends to knife attacks and that in most cases, the police were no help whatsoever.

"Over the next few months we are going to ... work with retailers, to prevent the sale of knives, particularly to young people, (and) work with community organisations to give young people an alternative to using knives."
They can't keep knives out of Maximum security prisons, how are they going to keep them from "free" people??

I hope Americans take note about whats happening around us and many laws do nothing to make us safer.
"It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees"
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