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This is an 8 X 2 foot bench. I am using about half of it for my reloading stuff.
That is an old Herters Press, but it has done the job for a little over 50 years. I won't live long enough to wear it out. I paid $13 for it when I was still in high school. (1958) The plastic file boxes are for storage of tools and components. That is the Lyman 55 Powder measure. Same vintage. I keep the tumbler out in the garage.

My first set up was in a closet on a shelf I nailed to the walls. Later it was set up in a chicken coop. (no chickens) Over the years it has been in the garage, or down the basement of several different houses. I will tell you it is nice to have it down the basement in this cold weather we are having. I have been giving it a work out this winter. I am to the point I gotta go do some shooting to get some empty brass to support my reloading habit.

Wow! You guys sure have some nice looking setups.
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