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I am disappointed by the number of posts, both in this thread and on other forums, in which guns owners react to "news reports" that are misleading or, at best, poorly written. The information necessary to properly assess the news is readily available. Gun owners should be knowledgeable about the legal process if we are to protect our rights.
It is a saddening reality these days. Every since Obama has been elected certain groups of gun owners have been shouting "the sky is falling."

How about we start dealing with what is really going on and stop shouting about every possible "doomsday scenario" that the far righties can dream up. I am going to heed the words of Reagan and "trust but verify" as far as Obama is concerned. I am going to trust that he meant what he said when he claimed to respect the individual gun rights of Americans, but I am going to constantly keep my eyes open for information to the contrary. I will be the first to scream when he veers away from his promises, but I am not going to shout out every time someone is afraid he "might" do something.

Gun owners as a community are really at risk of becoming the proverbial "boy who cried wolf" these days. How many times will we yell with no true wolf in site before society as whole just stops listening to us altogether?
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