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Another golden quote from the Association of National Park Rangers, which provides context for the value placed on civil rights (individual self defense) within their jurisdiction:

ANPR echoes U.S. society and existing legislation in believing that the Second Amendment right to bear arms is not absolute in all locations nor at all times. Park units are sanctuaries for human and animal alike, and in some cases may be the only viable habitat for a specific species. Unlike some other private, state, and federal property, natural resources in National Parks are protected, unless specified differently in the park's enabling legislation. Because of this, humans do not have the right to kill an animal in a National Park in order to protect life or property. Allowing firearms in National Parks would increase the risk to animals, primarily predatory species, considerably.
IOW: The "experts" believe the Endangered Species Act supersedes the Bill of Rights.

To repeat, (as many argued in the soccer mom open carry thread), if the desires of gun owners must be subjugated to the wishes of the general public, to preserve harmony and avoid the appearance of fringe lunacy; its game/set/match.
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