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Facts mean nothing. The opposition is arguing based on emotion and will win because there is one indisputable fact:

Anyone can buy a gun FTF without a check at a gunshow in most of the nation.

We all know that the actual occurrence of crimes with weapons from gun shows is next to nothing but that does not matter. Argue those facts all you want, public opinion is based on emotion. The emotion is against this practice and the party most supportive of restrictions controls the Legislative and Executive branches.

The FACT is the legislation is going to come and we can not stop it but we can craft it if we act first
If we somehow support a bill that prevents FTF sales at a gunshow it will simply be used as a foot in the door to prevent all FTF sales.

The past has shown us that gun control is a slippery slope. When newly passed laws do nothing to prevent crime, as both sides know they won't, the antis will always seek to pass more. We must fight every attempt to curtail the sale and possession of firearms as there are already to many restrictions on the books.

If we give an inch now the other side will eventually use that inch to get a mile.
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