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Well, I would like to try and address this thoughtfully (and may get flamed) but I think I see the issue the Antis raise but it begs another question I will ask.

First, there is no such thing as a "Gun Show Loophole". That is a misnamed tag the issue has and it won't go away. The real issue is private sales. I think the Gun Show part creeps in because it seems that Gun Shows are where these sales seem to take place most visibly and publicly. I know they take place thru other means like the classified sections of some newspapers but I have been to many many gun shows where there are folks walking around or even sitting at tables in the show who will sell guns privately to anybody with the cash without a backgorund check.

What I think the antis fear (and I can see their point) is that private sales are a place where people who are not legally allowed to own or possess firearms can circumvent the background check and buy a firearm anyway.

What I don't know is how many criminals obtain their crime guns in this manner. I think for me that is the real issue. Is the "loophole" the major aveneue where criminals get their crime guns. If so, then the policy argument changes. If it becomes a crime to sell anyone a gun who has not had a background check will it deter those who would sell to anybody from doing so?
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