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orchidhunter said:

Well, I got to get back under bridge, here comes one on foot. orchidhunter

I am all for discussing the topic of the so called gun-show loophole. Unlike many here I believe there is such a thing and it is a problem, but not in the way the antis say. I believe it exists because enough of the voting public believe it does and it is a problem because that same voting public will support legislation on the matter.

Sorry folks, this is going to be like fighting the tide. The best you can do is to redirect it. The tone in Washington is almost entirely against us. Standing our ground on this will cause us to be brushed aside entirely. I would suggest we bite the bullet and forward legislation that would provide for publicly funded checks at organized gun shows for all while protecting FTF transactions outside of that event.

As long as 60 Minutes can show footage of someone looking like he is a gang banger, Aryan Nation member, Hells Angel, "suspected terrorist" etc. buying an "AK-47" at an "Arms Bazaar" in Middle America with no background check then this problem will exist. If we simply oppose it in its entirety then the legislation will be written to require FFLs for everything.
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