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The Case of the Missing Luger

I'm looking for advise more than answers and if this isn't the right place to post this I apologize. Here's the story: When my father was in his early teens, his uncle showed him a German Luger that his uncle told him he took off a dead Nazi he killed. He also showed him a few other guns. A few years later that uncle passed away. His kids and my father were still somewhat young so none of the guns got passed down. His wife put them in a closet and forgot about them for 35 years. Then one day she's cleaning out a closet and discovers a bunch of guns. Her son is not a gun person and had no interest in them at all so she called my father to see if he wanted them. He said yes and went and picked them up. He was actually there when the guns were put away 35 years before and specifically remembers the Luger being placed right next to an old Colt revolver, but it was not there and his aunt had no idea where it had gone. All she knew was that the Luger, the Colt, and a Remington shotgun were specifically supposed to go to my father's cousin, or my father. Since my father's cousin doesn't care for guns or antiques or family stuff at all, my father was expecting to get that Luger. There is a distant cousin-in-law type (who's not very well liked anyway) that heard the story a few years back and seemed overly interested in it.

My father is getting up there in his years now and mentioned how he would really like to know what happened to that Luger before he dies. Being the young "Gun Nut" of the family, I would love to see it, and would really love to see it go to one of it's inteneded owners. Either my father's cousin, if he's changed his mind, or my father.

Here's my question: Would it be worth it to ask around, and investigate a little bit to find out what happened to it? The main "suspect" isn't well liked by most of the family, but because of his social standings and other things, he is tolerated without question. Since there were no wills or legal documents do we have any legal legs to stand on in our search?

My father would never sell it, but he also mentioned a curiosity about how much it would be worth in good condition. Anyone have any ideas?
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