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We are know what gov't is about. Obama will owe the people who got him elected. Let's face it! The people he is putting into positions also represent the far left " no guns in America " ideas! My .02
Obama is smart enough to know that his positions on gun control did nothing to help get him elected. It was actually a problem. He had to make statements that attempted to convince voters that he believed in gun rights. He knows that gun control could cost him in four years if he doesn't play his cards right.

You are correct that he owes those who got him elected. And what got him elected more than anything else was the economy. And he owes voters on that issue. Straying to far from that mandate could cost him in four years. He knows that. Hence why I said if he gets a second term I would be more concerned.

I am no obama fan and even though his position on gun rights is troublesome many of the other issues I care about concern me more because he actually has the ability to get those done.
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