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Why? And miss all this fun?
If you consider rudeness to be fun I think we are back to one of those character problems I mentioned.
I think the question is whether the study used provides accurate and germane information.
That is a question that is not restricted to academic studies or statistical analysis. Whether it is germane or not is more of an individual issue rather than an information o study issue. You may not find it germane while others do.
If one says "well studies show" and they misquote the study (and don't provide a reference) or the study has flawed methods of gathering the data then the information is not much use, especially in formulating a plan of action for self-defense.
How do you know if the study is misquoted or has flawed methods without looking at it yourself? Your assumption is that someone would come here and intentionally offer up incorrect information that they knew could be easily checked.
Speaking of that, I don't see a reference and I am not sure that statement is accurate.
So what? You certainly don't provide references every time you say something, nor do most people, and generally claims for references are very selective in nature. If you are too lazy to look something up on your own, don't expect somebody else to do the work for you.
Straightforward, maybe. Accurate and in context no.
A nice opinion that is not supported by fact. Just because a bit of data is not in context for you doesn't mean it is not in context for another person. The 1 in 200, at peetzakillah pointed out, is accurate and in context for one question. That you (or others) cannot figure out how to use that stat in context for your needs is not a problem with the data, the analysis, or the findings.
I always thought that if you made a claim of fact on a forum and wished credibility you would provide the reference rather than tell someone to "look it up".
And if everybody who made any claim of fact always posted a reference communication on the forums would grind to a halt. Again, if one is too lazy to look something up it has no bearing on the credibility of somebody else.
Perhaps and maybe you know better ...
Never confuse knowledge and confidence with surety and arrogance.
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