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Senate committee "grills" Eric Holder

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Eric Holder speaks, during today's Senate committee "grilling"
During the course of the above, parts of which I heard this afternoon, Attorney General Nominee Holder mentioned that he agreed with President Elect Obama concerning "common sense gun laws", which included "closing the gunshow loophole" and "banning cop killer bullets". Having heard these comments I'm given to wonder as to the former, what "gunshow loophole" is the man talking about?

Re the banning of "cop killer bullets", that phrase being largely the product of media hysterics and numb-nuts teleprompter readers, these "cop killer" bullets are likely the long out of production KTW projectiles, which were developed by law enforcement types, as an aid to their fellow coppers, whose 38 Special firing revolvers, pretty much the police service weapon of the day back then, lacked penetrating power. The KTW Bullets (Teflon coated projectiles) offered enhanced penetration.

The interesting FACTS about these bullets, there are three that come to mind, are as follows.

1. They were never available via normal commercial channels, as they were sold to law enforcement only, and then under law enforcement purchase order only.
2. They have been out of production for many years.
3. So far as the record shows, the number of cops killed with these "cop killer bullets" is ZERO.

Given that neither Obama or Holder could likely HONESTLY plead ignorance of the facts, it remains that Holder's spouting off on the subject raises serious question as to the propriety of his confirmation to the office of U.S. Attorney General, even lacking other aspects of his background and past that of and in themselves, raise what might be disqualifying questions.

Readers of the foregoing might consider getting in touch with their U.S. Senators, ASAP.
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