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Unfortunatley,right where one of your good friends has moved to.

The bad thing is,even if she gets a weapon,she will need training and a complete overhaul of her gun use mindset to be able to defend herself.

And,if she is an attractive,young woman,she is a prime target for the very criminals that do this "life sucks,let me kill/rape someone to feel better about it." garbage.

I once worked with a stunning young girl named Heather that one night coming back from a nightclub in D.C. was attacked by several thugs.

Classic carjack deal.

Her boyfriend was killed and she was shot as well.

And when she was on the ground,they shot her several more times just for good measure.

She survived.

I only saw her once after that,about a year later.

I could only look at her and smile that she was alive standing there.

All that for a 'blanking' car.
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