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Well David, I thought I was on your ignore list I guess you "changed your mind" To your points.

No it isn't. That is just like the anti-gunners blaming the guns when they are misused instead of blaming the people.
No that is a bad example. Academic studies say all sorts of things. They are far from any gospel. While many purport to use rigorous methods many do not and so cannot always be taken at face value. Anyway, I didn't say all statistics and all studies are bad, I just said that they weren't much good for these discussions since many of the "statistics" thrown about are not well explained or in context. Like saying we all have a 1 in 200 chance of needing a gun.

The difference is that in the academic studies there are usually plenty of voices out there pointing out the problems with the studies so people can make a better informed, more accurate decision.
There are plenty of voices out here on the TFL doing such for "non-academic" writings as well. Some of these folks flush things out quite well. It is a myth and erroneous to assume that just because a writing is from an academic that it is always superior to writings by those who don't have a degree or title.

Sure I remember it, at least I think I know what you are talking about even though the description isn't real accurate.
Here it is if this helps: "Protection or Peril? An Analysis of Firearm-Related Deaths in the Home," Arthur L. Kellermann and Donald T. Reay, The New England Journal of Medicine 314, no., 24 (June 12, 1986)1557-1560. Lots of statistics used and it was flawed, that is why we need context to understand them properly.

Do you remember that it was academics who wrote articles pointing out the inadequacies of the research, the limitations on it, and other problems with it?
No, I think it was the NRA that questioned it first and it didn't require an academic to discover them.

As I've said before, I find it strange that so many in the world of guns seem to think that lack of knowledge is a good thing when it comes to DGU planning and response.
I don't think anyone advocates having less knowledge in the gun world. However, when it comes to tactics and training which this forum is about I find it odd that some choose to throw statistics about without showing what they mean; context or otherwise and who don't provide sources for that data.

Stats help us, but they can mislead too.
Agreed kiov especially when they are taken out of context.
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