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If ever there was a good time to have a CCW... would be now in Portland.

We are pretty much in the middle of a gang war these days. It seems a gang decided to kill a prominent member of another gang at a funeral about a month ago and all hell has broken loose since then. Gang violence/shootings has increased dramatically in the past month.

Going to the Lloyd Center was always a dubious task but lately the gang presence there has exploded. Shootings have also skyrocketed there as well. There has been two shooting this month in the parking garage already.

I will not even go to some parts of town anymore. It will be awhile before I feel the need to go to Gresham. I do not even go to the big gunshop (Keith's) out there anymore.

Driving down MLK in N. Portland really is getting scary too. It is like the east side is lined with groups from one gang and the west side by groups from another. When driving down the middle you can really feel the stare down going on and it makes you wonder when the stares and shouts of insults will turn into something worse and you will be caught in the middle.

I have also noticed a lot more suspicious activities downtown at night. We used to go out and see almost no one on the street after 11pm but now the corners are filled with groups of young people standing around for hours.

A good friend of ours lives in N. Portland in some new luxury condos. When she bought them the area was undergoing a revival, but now the gangs have taken back over according to her. She is even afraid to walk her dog or go to the bus stop. I have had to go over twice now and escort her to work and back while her car was in the shop because she is afraid to ride the bus like she used to do.

I just cannot believe some people will live in these circumstances and still be against average citizens having a means of defense. The friend I have been escorting to work is very anti-gun, but it is funny how quickly her attitude changed when she thought she was in danger. She wanted me and my gun there all of the sudden.

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