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Lee Enfield SMLE Mk III BSA 1918

I have a Lee Enfield SMLE Mk III* BSA 1916. To my knowledge it has not been fired since it was in active duty. I am interested in using it as a deer hunting rifle and at the range. I have seen a lot of info on the .303 British being used for hunting so my questions are more about the rifle than the cartridge. The .303 sounds quite capable.

1-Is this model of gun too old, too valuable, or too fragile to be used for hunting/shooting? I know no-one can answer about the specific specimen I have without looking it over first, but is the gun in general a solid enough gun to pursue as a restoration platform?

2-What are the things I need to inspect, clean and lubricate before determining if it is worthy of firing? I'll be taking it to a gunsmith to check it out before I fire it, but is something that I should look at first that might tell me to save my money and buy a hunting rifle insead? From what I understand Lee Enfields are pretty solid and dependable, but 1916 worries me a bit.

3-Are there any resources for Lee Enfield owners that I should be aware of that may not pop up immediately on a Google search? I have found lots of historical and anecdotal info on the Lee Enfield as a military and also hunting rifle. I have not found an oracle of information on bringing one back up to snuff for the field and range.


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