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There are members of his party (schumer, pelosi, lautenberg, etc...) that would love to pass some sweeping federal gun cotnrol laws. We all know this.

The reason that these politicians do this is because the majority of their consituents support gun control. Supporting the passage of such laws will not affect their ability to get reelected.

However, there are many members of his party to include himself that would face serious issues from supporting gun control. Let's not forget that many pro 2A voters have voted for members of his party based upon other issues. These same candidates have also expressed support for gun rights. These congressman would face serious reelection difficulties if they supported gun control.

Obama himself would face issues from supporting gun control and I don't think he wants to touch the issue with a ten foot pole while wearing a hazmat suit. I don't think he even wants a gun law to come across his desk. Because no matter what he does, it will not please everyone. And signing it could cost him more votes than vetoeing it.

I would be more concerned if he had just been elected to a second term because second term presidents generally do what they want without regard to the people that elected them because they will not face reelection.

Gun owners tend to vote the issue and we tend to remember those who promised one thing on gun rights and did another.

The best we can do is make sure that these elected officials understand that gun rights are important to us and that we will remember the actions they take when we go back to the voting booth.
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