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Failure to use something right is not an indictment of that thing.
It is if the "thing" has not been done right. See my links on academic studies that contradict one another.

academic studies are apt to be far more accurate and rigorous in their findings than are non-academic works. Academic studies get peer reviewed most of the time, while other readings are frequently done for profit.
"academic" studies can be incredibly biased and politically motivated AND supported by sympathatic peers. Se the Joyce Foundation and the "studies" they commissioned since the 1990s that are clearly biased and anti-gun. I am not the only one to call them out the NRA does it regularly. Remember the "study" that said you are 40 soemthing times likely to be killed with a gun in home than ifyou didn't have one? Please.

There can be a tiger in your house.
I have a friend who is married to one!

I agree that a person needs a basic understanding of the data collection method, and also needs to consider context and bias, I just don't see how that argues more strongly against statistical data provided via academic study than it does against experiential (anecdotal) data provided via word of mouth/internet.
Come one John, who other than us forum dweebs are going to look at that kind of stuff. There are folks who regularly post on here that will say "statistics say!" and then won't give you the source or engage in sophistry when you ask the context of the statistics. I am not saying that statistics are useless but the OP said they were the most important rule. I think not.

For instance I have heard the statistic used that one in 200 people will need a gun. When I investigated further I found that statistic was not really true. That number comes from the UCS which says that 1 in 200 people out of the total population will be assaulted. But that number is misleading to apply to everyone as the poster did. It didn't take into account a whole lot of variables such as who really gets assaulted. Sometimes it is the same person many times because they live with an abusive husband or in a bad neighborhood on and on. I think I'll stick with training and some acknowledged experts who might even use some statistics BUT you know what they mean and apply them by common sense.
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