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I think reading an academic study about crime and using the statistics within to formulate an action plan of self defense without understanding what the statistics mean and their context and bias might cause you to formulate a bad plan.
Failure to use something right is not an indictment of that thing. Using ANY source of information without understanding what it means may cause you to formulate a bad plan. And using the stats available, even if used wrong, is apt to be more accurate than watching the news, or listening to a trainer, or "I just think, or "better to have...", etc.
My alternative? Training by experienced people supplemented by some reading on the subject (not an academic study).
First, many of those "experienced people" have little or no actual experience. Second, where do you think those "experienced people" come up with what they feel works, or what should be taught, and so on? It is by analyzing events. Some do it better than other becuase they actually look at the research. And academic studies are apt to be far more accurate and rigorous in their findings than are non-academic works. Academic studies get peer reviewed most of the time, while other readings are frequently done for profit.
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