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I have mapped out my home, and the longest shot here is 40', and thats from the back hallway to the furthest reaches of my living room. I do have night lights that illuminate certain parts of my home as to create a shadow effect so that I can see where and if anyone is in my home. I mostly practice at distances ranging from 6-40', because these are the minimum and maximum. Unfortuantely, I dont practice the 'safe room' method of home defense because I do have children, and I will check up on them if I hear something in my home. Its hard to round up the family if the situation calls for it, because they are all in seperate bedrooms, but usually dont even wake up if something occurs. Thankfully, 100% of the times I have checked on strange noises, it has been the cats or dogs messing around with something.

I usually dont get home until around 0230 anyways, so my family is home alone for most of the night, but my wife is usually sleeping on the couch when i do get home, but is always armed, whether it be with the vicious Chiweenie, the very 'intimidating' Chocolate Lab, or the fully loaded 9mm by her side. But I can honestly say, the 9mm has a bite that doesnt compare to its bark.
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