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Originally Posted by Keltyke
You don't want your dog to win a fight with a wild animal, you want the fight to never occur.
That would depend on the circumstances of the "fight" and the reason you got the dog. I live in the country on a farm, coyotes are a problem and need to be repelled, which I cannot do 24/7. Also, I know from experience that many breeds of domesticated dog will repel coyotes, which tend to be pretty cowardly, just fine. But, from the OP, sounds like a neighborhood, so take that comment for what its worth. I wouldn't want a neighborhood dog to get in a fight with a pack of coyotes, so when it comes to the OP's scenario, I would agree.
Originally Posted by azredhawk44
Shooting the animal stops the threat. But, it leaves a lot of ambiguity about the appropriateness of the shoot. Requires police response, disposal of animal, at least a cursory interview or investigation into the righteousness of the shooting event.
Not in my neck of the woods . Unless we're talking about someone's dog (like with a collar). I'm so glad I live in an area where almost everyone associates gunshots with a good time. No one calls the police when firearms are discharged. Then again, I don't hang around in neighborhoods with guns, just around the farm and in the woods.
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