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well, they tell you straight up that when you get 2 cans (one case in the wooden crate) a can opener is provided. I found mine (I subsequently got a whole case on another order) attached to the "lid" of the wooden crate by a screw.

I thought the crate was cool, if a little cold-war era simplistic. I was definately psyched by the thought, as I opened it, that it had not been opened for 35 years!!! my case order (2 cans) was dated 1973, whereas my single-can order was 1975.

When I can afford it next month, I am ordering another crate. the air tight "sealed" aspect of the ammunition containers is very enticing to me, in a SHTF type situation. heck it's lasted 30+ years and still shoots great. So, I would anticipate being able to store it successfully for years to come.

Plus, it's a piece of history, like the gun I shoot the ammo with. and in a pinch, you can always intersperse the newer 8mm ammo (though expensive) from the likes of Remmington, Prvi Partizan, and S&B.

it's all good!!
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