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Suburbia. I live in Glendale, AZ... near the Arrowhead area if you're familiar with it at all. Pretty nice neighborhood. We've got these silly ponds all over the place with reclamated water that ducks and geese absolutely love. Houses swarming the water like it was beachfront property. Nicer cookie-cutter neighborhood
I'm totally familiar with that area.
I cannot speak for Az laws.....

But if that sub-div was where I live, in L.A.? You will have to do some pretty fast talking if you carry a loaded f/a in public (w/o a CCW), much less disharge it in the city limits. You could show 'just cause' in killing the animal if yours got mauled. But again, in L.A.-L.A. land, you'll have some 'splaining to do and say bye-bye to your heater.

Had this happen once in the Santa Monica Mtns. (Yote's are brilliant. They sucker off-leash pets into a chase with a 'probe' then bushwack 'em and gang-rip 'em to shreds) Just bust the POS in the chops with a boot like the ratty flea-bag varmint it is and get on with life. Enjoy the yipe-yipe-yipe! as it hauls arse the other way. Golf clubs work great. So do large folder's.

Plus it beats a ricochet into yer neighbor's SL500 or living room.
... shoot smart ...
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