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We really do a good job of stabbing ourselves in the back by constantly attacking the NRA.

I'm sure the anti's love it when we bad mouth the lobby which they fear the most in DC.

Is the NRA perfect? No, neither is my Wife. However, I'm not so short sighted to destroy something great because I don't always agree with it/her.

I am getting sick of the constant complaining by folks who do not understand anything about how Washington works and thinks the NRA would be more effective by never compromising on anything. Those folks need to understand our entire nation, from the first time the Continental Congress convened, has been built on compromise. Those who do not do so are disregarded and loose all power in the legislative process.

Are there things I would like the NRA to do differently, certainly. There are things I would like EVERYONE to do differently but you have to choose the path that gains you the most and that is clearly the NRA.

I am a Libertarian at heart but not by registration or voting record. The reason is that they face a similar dilemma, they are run by the non-compromising fanatics and as a result get nothing done ever. In choosing the NRA I am choosing the body that does the most to forward my views on the 2A while also being effective. Without effectiveness they would be nothing but a bunch of guys standing around shouting about their rights yet unable to affect any legislation.
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