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Home on the Range

During a home defense incident what ranges would you expect to engage a BG and how would you confirm then aim, and what would be your preferred type of sight. Also, what are good ways to practice? The reason I ask is that is seems distances between the defender and the offender in a house are quite close. Given the time to locate, identify, decide whether to shoot all occurs in seconds or fractions (sometimes very small fractions) of a second. So, what works for you? And, how do you plan to do it, or have done it?

If I'm in my saferoom the maximum range is 6 feet with my family positioned safely to the side of me and behind cover (that would place just myself and my adversary in line of fire from each other) optimally with the BG backlit and my family and I in little or no light. Anyone comming in the door is a BG unless the 911 dispatcher has told my wife a police officer is in the house. If the BG is creeping in, it's an easy shot. I imagine I could get a good sight picture using the BG's silhouette possibly with standard or night sights. But, if the BG is making a rush I don't think I could find the time to use my sights effectively or even to find a laser dot. I'm probably wrong and it's all just a matter of trainning and practice.

In my small house while moving to the saferoom or retrieving a family member from another part of the house, the longest distance between me (skimming along the far side of the hallway entrance leading to the bedrooms) and where a BG might be is 26 feet (although he'd be scrunched up and exposed in a corner of my livingroom - highly unlikely) or 16 feet away climbing through the window over my kitchen sink. More practically the maximum distance will be inside 10 to 16 feet. I've gone from my bedroom to the kids' bedroom (the safe room) with my hands in the high ready position and I'm still trying to get a feel for what would work. Night lights are located in the livingroom, kitchen, and bathrooms.

I was thinking about giving the kids airsoft guns and positioning themselves in various places around the house and seeing if I could get to the safe room without getting shot, but I believe my wife would frown on that. So, I'm now considering super soaker type water guns for everyone and having the kids wearing placards saying either "BG" or "It's me Dad!" so I can practice IDing a target before committing to neutralizing it. I may even put a video up on YouTube recording the results. I'll probably be the one who's soaking wet with my kids laughing near by. The yelling will be coming from my wife concerning why the carpet's all wet and why the hallway wall is soaked . I'm still not sure as to the best type of sight for me in this situation, but it should be water proof .
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