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I own a rott/hound mix, 100lbs mostly muscle, very good at instigating with a look alone. For what ever reason a neighbors, 135lbs staffordshire terrier decided to break through the invisible fence(yes they can do it with enough determination despite what some companies advertise) well the owner immdieatly came after his dog but unfortunatly the dog was faster and had a head start so the dog got to mine first. I do not walk my dog on a leash for this reason alone, my dog stood by my side as the terrier approached I stepped in front of my dog grabbed the back of the terriers neck, kicked out the legs(a decently effective trick that I use on my own dog all the time when we play fight which causes no injuries). The terrier immediatly changed its attidude and retreated, the owner was in shock but apoligized for his dog. I continued on our walk with out concern. Animals feed off your energy and actions. As for yotes, most will not challenge a human presence unless they are in numbers in which case a .22 will quickly change their minds.
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