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AZREDHAWK44 thanks for that list. I will be checking the ones I had not previously heard of out. I am about to lob some money into the 2A coffers and want to m sure it gos for something good.
No problem.

AZCDL is my local 2A legislation advocacy group for Arizona. You'll have your own up in Ohio. I want to say there's something up there called Buckeye Firearms Association?

Seems the state level orgs always do a better job fighting for your rights than the national level ones. If I could only join one group on that list, AZCDL would be the only one. They are effective.

I think it has to do with the small amount of money it takes to affect real change for a smaller locality. Less travel expenses, less wheel-greasing, things like that. Politicians may just be more honest (or at least less corrupted) at the state level than the national schmucks.
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