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Son Of Vlad Tepes has a good link

Very good information, a couple of real good lessons for our members, real life lessons.

First have weapon ready to go with one in the pipe, on your person. Have a good few rounds, in this Gentleman's case, 11 .40 cal ones.

He states act quick, and so he pretended - "I am having a heart attack" as a distraction, and then going for his pistol, he then continuing to fire at which ever target he had in his view, till his pistol was empty.

My own view (and not faulting his actions, he won did he not!) is Pistol always in a holster, the smallest package with the most rounds possible (Glock 19 with 16 rounds in it) and a spare 17 round magazine in case of a malfunction.

And you did note, I hope, no macho stuff. He sounded genuinely sorry he had taken the lives of the two men, but if he had not, he and his Wife would have been dead.
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