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I can only help you on the east coast end of the game...

Your grandfather can give or gift you the rifle and at the worse he or his wife would have to ship it to a local WV FFL for you to pick up... the FFL will charge you a transfer fee... if the WV FFLs are anything like mine here in S.C. what they will require with the rifle is a copy of your grandfather or mothers CA Drivers license and their signature under it in blue or red ink. Of course besides having to pay the FFL a token fee you will have to fill out the government form.

Getting it out of Ca, who knows... it really can't be that hard... I suspect at the worse they will have to pay a CA FFL to ship it to yours.... but someone from CA. can answer that better. Oh, and if they have to use an FFL in CA then they really don't have to do the copy of the DL thing.... maybe...
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