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Trasferring M1 Carbine from California to West Virginia

With the possibility of an permanent assault weapons ban, I am trying to plan ahead.
I live in West Virginia and my paternal grandfather lives outside San Deigo. He was a career Marine and saw combat in Japan and Korea earning two Purple Hearts. While in Korea he took an Inland M1 Carbine and shipped it home. The gun was a plinker for my dad and uncle growing up. This gun is still in good shape, but more importantly it is a piece of family history. As far as I understand, if the assault weapons ban goes through and my grandfather dies, there won't be a way to transfer this weapon to anyone else in the family. It would upset me very much if my grandfathers M1 was destroyed and wouldn't be able to stay in my family.
Could this weapon be saved because it is an antique (1943 Inland)? If not how would I go about getting it transferred from CA? Keep in mind my grandfather can't drive anymore so I would be utilizing my aunt for this and I would need to be very specific. Would it be worth getting my C&R to avoid any problems from CA? If I go out there to visit, would it be better to drive it into Nevada to ship it (more gun friendly)? I'm not up to code very well on the oppressive CA laws, but when I was out there last it seemed as if any weapon made before 1958 was an antique, therefore the state assault weapons ban didn't apply.
Please help me save this weapon. I know it may only be an M1C, but it is very important to me.
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