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Originally Posted by Dave
When an attack has already occurred it seems strange to me to try to say the attack was stopped. The attack was not stopped, the attack occurred, you have perhaps reduced the effect of the attack.
If an attack has ended, fails to continue, or ceases to persist then it has stopped. If an attack was intended, but never began in the first place, then it was stopped. I figured this out after reading 1 post. Sadly you are on your 4th or 5th post and still cant figure this out.

Originally Posted by Dave
So I don't know why you would continue to mention it unless you are trying to sharpshoot or start an argument.
Your right. Forums are the wrong place to argue. especially if someone is as horrible at it as you.

Originally Posted by BuckHammer
You seem to have olympic level of ability when it comes to dodging questions. You should consider running for office. Unless you hold one, in that case, congratulations, you found your calling.
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