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Did you even read what you are referring to here? If so, I defy you to find where it disagrees with what you have posted. Let's please stop arguing about this.
It takes two to argue, and there is nothing to argue about, IMO. When an attack has already occurred it seems strange to me to try to say the attack was stopped. The attack was not stopped, the attack occurred, you have perhaps reduced the effect of the attack.
Open to interpretation. Whatever. It is ultimately irrelevant.
If it is irrelevant why do you keep bringing it up?
Yeah, you said that wasn't what you meant, but you have yet to say what you do mean.
I have said exactly what I mean. I have apparently not said what you want me to say, but that is more your problem than mine. Again, most other folks seem to have figured it out just fine, and I have even used quotes from them to attempt to clarify it for you.
Read my post, I was not arguing about that.
Sure seems like it, and now you are arguing about if you were arguing about it. LOL!!
Not everyone is out to get you.
Again, I do not think so, nor have I said anything to give any indication of that. So I don't know why you would continue to mention it unless you are trying to sharpshoot or start an argument.
You seem to imply that a similar attack could happen with means other than guns and grenades. Just saying that maybe you think that there are other possibilities.
There are always other possibilities when discussing issues like this.
You missed my question. Next time you post, please answer yes or no.
I didn't miss it at all. I tend to ignore questions where the person posting them demands in advance that I answer them in a certain way.
It is obvious that you are now just trying to bait me into an argument by sniping at me, and I'm actually trying to avoid it. If you have a legitimate question I'll be quite happy to answer it, but if all you want are more "clarifications" of things that have already been clarified, or if you just want to engage in more armchair psychology about what I feel, I see no need to continue this.

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