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I almost never use a urinal, . . . go to the stall and lock the door.

If I have to be seated by more serious business, . . . my 1911 hangs C&L by the front of the trigger guard on the coat hook on the back of the door. It's pretty stupid to walk out and leave something that is staring you in the eye all the time you are pulling up your pants.

Another thing to think of, . . . what are the laws concerning a loaded weapon left in your vehicle in your state???? In Ohio, . . . it is a NO-NO if there are other folks in the vehicle, . . . you gotta unload the thing. May want to have a "lockable" box of some sort to circumvent those types of regs.

Also, . . . in Ohio, . . . Mexican carry is also illegal, . . . it has to be in a holster if you are driving. I challenged a deputy on that question and was very quickly assured that I would be arrested for Mexican carry, . . . even if I was bilingual.

The most important thing though, . . . get some good training: shooting training, . . . holstering, drawing, reloading, problem solving, . . . know your laws, . . . and when you are in your CCW class, . . . ask every danged question you can think of.

CCW is serious business, . . . treat it as such.

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