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Painting a possible aggressor with a flashlight

On another active thread, I wrote:

...I've been approached by a couple of shady types at Walmart/HomeDepot on Highland in Cincy. Body language and firm tone of voice have worked well but I did paint one with a flashlight when he was aggressive.

And thinking about it right now, as I did after the incident, I'm left with the question: is the flashlight more aggressive than it is assertive, and have I actually been monumentally stupid by shining it in somebody's face after they didn't get that I really don't want to talk? It produced instant compliance, but that's a sample size of one so there's no inferring.

Apologies if this topic has been covered already--I did a search of this board and didn't see it. If so, just point me over in the right direction.

In a funny parallel with the other thread, my wife was with me at the time and was also pregnant. Baby is 3wks old today!
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