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Sparks: great job--you handled the situation nonviolently, compassionately and firmly. Colerain is a bit out of my range, but I've been approached by a couple of shady types at Walmart/HomeDepot on Highland in Cincy. Body language and firm tone of voice have worked well but I did paint one with a flashlight when he was aggressive.

There are also a couple of folks working the "Hey, can I talk to you?" angle at Rookwood--one clever guy who hangs out in front of Lone Star as if he were a customer out having a smoke hassling people walking to Joseph Beth. I haven't actually figured out what he wants, though he has asked me if he could talk to me on a couple of different nights. Both gas stations at Madison and Edwards, too. And one dude who's habitually in front of Graeter's/Teller's in Hyde Park Square. So even in your neighborhood: maintain good SA. I replied to a text message while walking in Hyde Park Square and the next thing I know, this dude is a meter away, asking me for money. Had he punched me in the snoot, it would have been my fault.

I think you done great.
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