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Sorry to hear about the event and I am very glad your family walked away without harm.

After reading most of the posts, I think the person was a person of interest and caution and preparation was warranted. I was not there so i can't be sure, but there remains the possibility that the perk neither had the ability or opportunity to cause harm the way it went down. So looking at the CCW rules, revealing your concealment was most likely inappropriate and escalated the event to a dangerous level. Had the perk been one of those naturally hostile to threats, it would not have been pretty even though he might have asked for directions.

A criminal adversary must have or reasonably appear to have:

A. The ABILITY to inflict serious bodily injury. He is armed or reasonably appears to be armed.

B. The OPPORTUNITY to inflict serious bodily harm. He is positioned to harm you with his weapon, and,

C. His INTENT (hostile actions or words) indicates that he means to place you in jeopardy - to do you serious or fatal physical harm.

Had I had been there I might have done the same. This is one of the reasons why even though I am authorized to CCW, I don't most of the time. I believe in access to protection, but from personal experiences, I know that presenting a threat can make bad things happen.

For example, i was out with 6 friends when much younger visiting a donuts store. We were rowdy but only to each other. We ordered donuts and the guy behind the counter showed us his gun. That put everyone on high alert and that guy got a hostile response. He was darn lucky we were just kids wanting a snack. He probably thought that gun prevented something but the opposite is true. Not one of us were scared of that him with that gun.


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