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If an attack was underway, and now it is not, then it has stopped.
If the terrorist has killed 20 people was the attack stopped? As raimus put it, "In responding to an attack in progress, the best you can do is mitigate the damage." It's like trying to say that after losing control of your vehicle and hitting two cars, since you were able to get on the brakes and not go over a cliff you stopped the accident.
We're just splitting hairs now.
Perhaps. I don't see how the difference between
"carrying guns" and CCW is splitting hairs, given the strong push for open carry in many states.
Hondo, Double Naught Spy, and onthejon seem just as confused as I am, with comments like:
Hondo seems to have got it just fine. We seem to have a difference in the semantics, but it seems he understood the meaning of my posts just fine, as did all the others I mentioned. I'm sorry if a few people can't, don't, or won't catch on, but maybe you need to clarify why you can't understand "killing terrorsist does not stop terrorist attacks".
You are saying that stopping single terrorist attacks does not stop terrorism in general.
I'm saying that shooting a terrorist who has already started his attack does not stop terrorist attacks. I am saying that the OP's original premise, "There's no way the mass murder that took place in Mumbai a few weeks ago could have happened if the average Indian citizen carried a weapon" is inherently incorrect based on historical facts, as many have pointed out. I am saying that once a terrorist has already engaged in his act of terror it is incorrect to claim that the terrorist attack was stopped.
You're talking about terrorists preparing for armed citizens? If armed citizens are never utilized in fear of this, then the terrorists will have nothing to prepare for.
I don't understand why it is hard to understand this stuff. Slopemeno pointed out the same thing: "Then that backpack would have had Sarin, or C-4, etc, etc. The tool doesn't matter." Double Naught Spy say: "Right, had the average citizen of Mumbai been armed, the terrorists would have used other means. Determined terrorists will attack." Carguy2244: "rkba and ccw, these make us free men - but not likely to impede terrorist acts."
David, I think you need to calm down. No one is attacking you.
I think you need to not make assumptions when it is fairly easy to determine facts. I'm quite calm, thank you, and have seen nothing to cause me to believe anyone is attacking me.
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