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Need info on target problem

First I must say thanks for all the replies posted here to a situation that was beginning to make me feel alone and isolated with this ???????? problem.

Lets take these a little at a time:

I am aware of the oiler/fouler and always shoot several rounds that sometimes are also initial sighting shots or combo warm up-fouler or just a few before setting up my real targets to start my testing.

First see above then know that I have never noticed any looseness with the scope and am going to try my old 6-18 Leupold next time out to eliminate or confirm scope issues.
Next my trigger is a smooth 2.5 lbs so am not thinking there is a lot to be the cause of the issue mentioned.
Now as for myself, I will be the first to say that my "style" sucks at the least. Because of my inconsistent hold, bench awareness etc. I have used sand bags, tried a tri-pod and have a lead-sled that I installed a windage adjustment on all to remove me form the mix. I even used a bungy cord to steady the rifle to the lead sled for consistency. The crosshairs are very still and I try to be smooth on the break. There must be a little more here to improve on and my next range excursion may tell more.

First fouling is covered above and although I did it myself, I believe the bedding will not turn out to be of issue now as I previously had some bedding done and recently redid it all with the addition of reforming the receiver to a almost square surface, as opposed to the semi round surface on an original Mini, with the intention to create a recoil surface that is more stable and in the same direction of actual recoil. Not like a Rem 700 but in that sort of idea. I do agree that scope problem could have a more diverse pattern.

One thing at a time. I realize this is the best way to sort something out. It was only after several trips to the range did I notice this pattern and then looked back to old targets that I still had. Didn't keep them all. All targets shot at 100 yards and the pattern has been first shot on target and then 4 following about 1 1/2" up and slightly to the right. All sighting was at center of target. Haven't been concerned to hit crosshair but for group only. The tightness of the group varied due to the many different loads I was trying but the pattern was seen over and again.

I know it does sound this way but on some days I shot over 125 rounds and the pattern was there too.

I wondered the same thing too. I even hand fed rounds one at a time and didn't use the magazine thinking the different action recoil was the culprit. Same thing again.


I will sort this out and will post the cure.......

Ed Roberts
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