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Originally Posted by David Armstrong
Seems pretty straightforward. If you kill the terrorist after he has shot 20 people, was the terrorist attack stopped? No. The killing stopped, but the attack has already occurred. You may have kept it from being worse, but the attack was not stopped.
If an attack was underway, and now it is not, then it has stopped. This discussion is about a single attack, not terrorism in general.

Originally Posted by David Armstrong
No it is not. There is not a single reference to CCW in the thread. There is reference to people being armed, but that is not contingent on CCW.
Well, the primary way for citizens to be armed (especially in America, which WAS mentioned), is CCW. Because of this, the CCW was most definitely implied. We're just splitting hairs now.

Originally Posted by David Armstrong
Fine. My point is that if your goal is to stop terrorist attacks, shooting a terrorist is not a very good way to do that.
See my first comment on this post.

Originally Posted by David Armstrong
Sure seems like it, and only reinforces my point. If you don't understand what is being discussed, you should avoid making "witty, sarcastic reference to it."
Hondo, Double Naught Spy, and onthejon seem just as confused as I am, with comments like:
Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy
You misspoke.
Originally Posted by onthejon55
so you're saying that attacking a terrorist is useless correct?... point out your flaw in logic.
If these statements are not true, then it seems that they are confused, as I was, though I kind of understand your posts now.

Originally Posted by David Armstrong
AFAIK, most "others" don't seem to have any trouble, and I don't know how to make it any clearer. Killing terrorists does not stop terrorist attacks. If it did there would not be as many terrorist attacks as we see going on around the world. Arresting rapists does not stop sexual assaults. Shooting murderers does not stop murderous attacks. Killing pirates did not stop pirate attacks.
Please refer to all of my previous comments in this post.

I now understand part of your argument. You are saying that stopping single terrorist attacks does not stop terrorism in general. This, IMHO, is irrelevant since the OP is concerned with preparing for a single attack. I don't know a single ordinary citizen who needs to prepare for every attack, just the one (or a few if they are unlucky) that happens to him. The OP was about armed citizens stopping individual terrorist attacks, not government agencies stopping terrorism in general.

I'm still confused about this, though:
Originally Posted by David Armstrong
Even if you manage to thwart an act you simply give the terrorists better information on how to attack you next time.
You're talking about terrorists preparing for armed citizens? If armed citizens are never utilized in fear of this, then the terrorists will have nothing to prepare for.

David, I think you need to calm down. No one is attacking you.
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