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Steve Tate
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Well done Sparks.

Pregnant wife, no questions, no time. You used your head and diffused this situation. As for those who disagree, you better damn well get over it. When it comes to a man's wife and child there are no friggin' rules. A man WILL go to jail if it means his wife and kid are alive. A man WILL put a bullet in another man's chest for not ceasing and being aggressive. There are times folks when the written law has to go to hell and you might just have to duke it out in court.

But as for Sparks, YOU cannot discredit, debunk, form hypotheses, and critique how this man chose to potentially save the life of his wife and unborn child.

FIGHT'S ARE NOT FAIR!!! BG's know this, best you figure it out to.

What is it the Marines say....

"Always cheat, always win."
"Have a plan to kill everyone you meet."
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