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Originally Posted by David Armstrong
And the reference, as I pointed out, has nothing to do with what I said. Thus to attempt to suggest that it is in agreement with what I have said is dishonest.
If that is true, could you please explain what you are trying to say here:
Originally Posted by David Armstrong
You don't stop terrorist attacks by attacking the terrorist during the attack because generally he is well into it by the time the act is recognized and halted. Even if you manage to thwart an act you simply give the terrorists better information on how to attack you next time.
Please, just please try to explain what you are trying to say.

Originally Posted by David Armstrong
I see nothing in the OP about CCW.
From OP:
Originally Posted by CDRogers
There's no way the mass murder that took place in Mumbai a few weeks ago could have happened if the average Indian citizen carried a weapon.

This is the beauty of our Constitution, and the strength of America: the fact that there are so many law abiding citizens who carry a handgun--and who can come to the aid of others in the event of a "shooter" strolling through a mall, killing indescriminately...

...I wanted to yell out, "The only reason he's so calm and arrogant is because everyone around him is unarmed!"...

...In those shopping malls, an unassuming guy might pull out his revolver or pistol and FIGHT BACK...

...the Indian Government should simply announce that all Indian men will henceforth be required to train with and to carry a firearm. I think the terrorists would think twice if they knew they were about to enter an armed society...
What's your interpretation on that? The OP is littered with CCW references. It is not, however, littered with references to intelligence and analysis in prevention. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills over here. So please, devote some thought to this thread, maybe take a break, then come back and ELABORATE. I really want to know what you are trying to say, but you have not made it clear to me.

Originally Posted by CDRogers
But how many of you go through terrorist scenarios in your mind?
He is talking about running through a scenario where he is confronted by a terrorist attack. I mean, intelligence and analysis when it comes to prevention is not really the topic. Sounds like an average guy asking if we run through terrorism scenarios and what we plan to do in potential attacks to me.

Originally Posted by David Armstong
Doesn't seem confusing to most, and if you are confused maybe you should try to clarify before making a "witty, sarcastic reference to it."
No, maybe you need to clarify. Based on others' posts, I am not the only one that is confused. I only asked that you elaborate, and you did not. Please do so. Believe it or not, I am not some kind of idiot. Just saying, it happens to everybody, you post something and it makes since to you, but not to anybody else. It's no big deal, just a little more elaboration is necessary, you know, explain what you mean. That's what this is supposed to be, a discussion, and I (and others) are having difficulty interpreting your seemingly conflicting posts. All I'm asking for is explanation.
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