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Learn the lessons learned from the 1965 Watts riots and the 1971 Kent State troubles.

All of the thread-avoidance tactics mentioned above are good*. What if they don't work?

The following info was widely available long before the LA riots.

Shots fired over the heads of rioters are only temporarily effective and can kill uninvolved people hundreds of yards away.

Shots fired to impact about 10 yards in front of the rioters are extremely unlikely to cause fatal injuries. Pavement, concrete, and bullet fragments in the feet and legs tend to discourage the "afflicted" rioters from coming back.

Further, anyone who runs past a bleeding and injured rioter to close the attack distance is far, far, more of a potentially lethal thread than a pack of shouting hooligans.

*I try to teach my kids a few things while watching TV. Drove me nuts while watching "The Mentalist" when the SUV got bogged down in traffic by a demonstration. I'm saying "it's time to turn around and leave," and "get out of there" before someone took advantage of the vehicle being at a full stop. The guys got the message when something unexpected happened a few moments later.
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