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Driving to work:
At the job, due to what I do, and the scrutiny, it is nearly impossible to conceal ANY firearm.

If I bring a firearm, it needs to stay in the car, and, during a riot, cars, alarm or not, are NOT a safe place for firearms. I do not have a gunsafe in the car like PBP.

Pepper spray, wide dispersal pepper spray, might be the way to go, and, drive like heck if the riot finds me.

It's possible today that I might go into a fairly sane situation, and come outside and find the riot has found us.
Stranger things have happened in Bezerkeley.

The only firearm I can think of carrying is a Baby Beretta, and, it's going to rust, due to sweat, etc. and my method of carry.

No easy answers.

What do you do if you get stuck at a light, and, your car is engulfed by rioters?

I do not want to end up like the guy in the truck, in LA...
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