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so you're saying that attacking a terrorist is useless correct?
No, it is not useless and I did not say anything close to that.
to point out your flaw in logic.
There is no flaw in my logic. My statement was that you don't stop terrorist attacks by attacking the terrorist during the attack. If that was true there would be no more terrorist attacks because we have hundreds, likely thousands, of instances of terrorists being attacked during their attack. Yet terrorist attacks still continue. The attacks have not been stopped. Ask the folks in Israel if the terrorist attacks on them have stopped because they have killed lots of terrorists.
Im pretty sure no one on this forum has the resources to stop a terrorist attack through 'good intelligence and analysis and by controlling access'. so why bring that up?
Because if you are concerned with stopping terrorist attacks that is what you need, and that should be pointed out. Imagining that terrorist attacks would be stopped if we just had more folks shooting at terrorists is not realistic, as others have already pointed out.
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