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National park law, need help

Guy on another board posted this after I made light of the new ruling. If someone could analyze what he's saying I'd appreciate it...mainly about the parks choosing to allow it.

it won't change much...although the law has been changed, the individual National Park I think is still allowed to set its own policy...which I don't see many of them changing to allow CC even though there is now no federal law banning it, although some might allow it. I think the ones that do allow it will only do so until the rangers have to start responding to "shots fired". I spoke to a ranger about this recently and he was not in favor of the law, cause he said no matter what the case, if there is a shot fired they have to respond in a serious manner...and if they find reds out shooting beer cans at camp sites in the NP's, or target practice, or whatever, it creates a huge problem for the rangers.
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