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That old 6.5 Swed after 113 years will still out shoot .308s

old Sneaky here: I'm prejudice Cuz I own and shoot a gevar m41/B Swed Sniper and the 6.5 projectile will and does out shoot the .308 and everyone knows it. To lengthen barrel life use Moly in the bore and projectiles-it works and everyone knows it-even G. David Tubb as he uses it and so does Old Sneaky. Now it's no mystery that gun manufactures come up with "New" rifles and/or cartridges not because they'r good guys but to make MONEY. If they don't they'd be out of business. So what's my point?--I you've got the dough and want to spend it on something New & Shiney --go for it--but that doesn't mean that it's better than what's been out there for 113 years. OBTW Who has and sells 6.5-160gr Match projectiles in the same BC range as the 140gr range?? I shoot Lapua Scenar 139gr with a BC of .619 and I was under the impression that the 160gr (which was the Origional weight of the 6.5X55 Swed) is a Round Nose projectile origionally developed for War but the Sweds finally changed it to 139gr- The 160 gr is a great huntng round for up to moose but I use my 139gr Scenar for hunting Cuz I put my shot where I want it. THANX--SNEAKY

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