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Today with the "velocity is everything school of thought" any bullet traveling less than 3,000 fps is considered completely useless to all except the people have hunted all their lives with "classic cartridges" and know how good they really are.
Um, somebody needs to talk with some high power shooter. Its not about velocity, its about accuracy. Velocity is not Accuracy.

Take the standard 80 SMK 223 load in service rifle, used at 600-1000 yards in an AR, Vel is between 2600 & 2700 fps.

In the 308, the round used in service rifles (Match) is 2550 FPS. The ISU 300 meter rifle in 308 is loaded to about 2200 fps. The army determined a while back that was the accurate speed range for the ISU.

As far as Mr Tubbs 6.5, it works, regardless of any of our opinions Mr Tubbs knows what he's doing when it comes to highpower and long range shooting.
I dont own a 6.5 Creedmore, but I've seen um shoot. If one is serious about target shooting, it would be worth a look see.

What we shouldnt do, is condemn ones choice of a rifle/round just because we like something else.

If you dont like a certain round, then state why, based on your experience with that round and/or rifle.

Regardless, Tubbs 6.5 works. Hard to dispute that. Like I said, I dont own one, and don't see getting one in the future. I'll stick to the service rifle for my highpower, and that limits me to the 223 and 308. I'll be long gone before the Army comes up with an new service round that DCM will allow in Service Rifle Matches. Which is fine, I'm finding the 223 works in highpower and 1000 yard matche.
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